with elec. - recorded with Audacity on Dell laptop sing built in mic. guitar connected to Roland Cube 15XL amp. G-Tone settings: EQ - low, medium, high set mid scale. Volume - low. Reverb - low/medium. elacc playing - another variation recorded with mobile phone voice recorder. EQ - set low/medium. Reverb off. Delay low. Published January 2012. Part Two: Record your own impulse responses with Reaper's ReaVerb. Read Part 1. Last month's Reaper column looked at creating convincing convolution reverb, using the comprehensive processing capabilities offered by the ReaVerb plug-in. This month, we'll investigate tools within ReaVerb that allow you to capture your own. Step 3: Leveller Effect (Part One) Select the audio track by double-clicking it and then apply the leveller effect by clicking on Effect...Leveller. Use these settings: Degree of Leveling = Heaviest. Threshold Noise = -35 dB. Then repeat that effect by selecting the track and clicking on Effect... Repeat Leveller. Add Tip. "/>Audacity reverb settings for acoustic guitar